Styling and product advice

  • Almost always I give a trend and product advice to keep your hair healthy or to create a certain styling effect.
    You are also welcome to come in for this advice without an appointment.

  • Washing massage
    A short, relaxing and effective washing massage. This massage gives your hair optimal elasticity so it becomes easier to cut your hair perfectly.
  • Blow-dry
    A professional blow-dry of the hair to create the desired model. Depending on your type of hair and the chosen model your hair stays in shape for some days.
  • Styling
    Styling the hair with styling products
  • Sexy hair up
    Make your hair look sexier on the basis of your wishes, the opportunity (and of course your outfit for that opportunity) and your type of hair. Fierce for a sexy night out!


What kind of haircut fits your face?
To find the haircut that fits the form of your face you can best do the next things:
Keep your hair totally out of your face by combing it back or using a ribbon or little hairpins. To be more successful, it can be sensible to wet your hair first.
Than stand in front of the mirror and draw with a kohl pencil or lipstick the form of your face on the mirror. Be sure you follow de contours of your face precisely, from the hairline to the chin.

Now stand back from the mirror and look at the form you’ve drawn.

There are five principle head shapes:




ROUND       ELONGATED          OVAL           SQUARE      HEART-SHAPED

rondWhen your face is ROUND, the length and the with of your face are about the same. Your chin and hairline also have a round shape. De broadest part of your face lies between your ears and cheeks.

Haircuts that make your face look longer, for instance until under your chin. It’s a lovely face shape to have for the hair trends of the moment. Let your hair fan out, it makes your face look broader, but not right above the jawline.

Very short haircuts that stop right above the jawline, haircuts that are cut straight or haircuts with a lot of volume around the ears.

ovaalWhen your face is OVAL, the length of your face is about 1,5 times as big as the width. At the jawline your face is barely narrower than around your temples. Your hairline follows a round shape. This is the ideal form of a face, because when you have it, different kinds of haircuts will fit you perfectly. Choose a haircut that doesn’t cover your face. Only than the form of your face will reveal itself best.

hartWhen your face is HEART-SHAPED (the word says exactly what it means) it’s broad at the top – at the temples and cheekbones – and becomes narrower at the bottom. The chin is sharp and narrow.

When your face has this form it’s very important to let your chin look broader. This can be done by choosing a haircut that makes your hair fall down until it reaches your chin. It also is recommended to make the hair curl a little. If the fringe on your forehead is cut in the way that it drops from the middle of your face to both sides of your head, your face will look smaller in the area of your forehead.

A haircut that makes the top of your head look broader. For instance don’t take a haircut with a lot of hair on top of the head. This will make the topside of your face look even broader.

langwerpigWhen your face is ELONGATED, it is long and narrow. Your forehead is just as wide as the part of your face round your cheekbones. Your face is narrow, so most probably you have a narrow chin and a high forehead.

Your head must seem longer, so your hair can best be cut short or half-long. A round haircut also fits this type of face. Cut the hair in layers or let it fan out a little.

Extremely short or extremely long hair. Curly haircuts or haircuts that fan out on top of the head are most suitable for this type of face.

vierkantWhen your face is SQUARE it’s characterized by a heavy straight jawline and a rather straight hairline. It’s about as long as broad.

When you have a square face it’s pretty nice to let your hair drop in little tufts into your face.

Especially with this form of face it’s better not to choose for a hairline that stops at your chin or a very straight haircut. A straight cut fringe is also not recommended, because it makes your face look even more square.