In our unique salon the team works on a high level. Every hairdresser is selected on the basis of knowledge, skills, experience, passion for the trade and love for the customer. Everyone has many years of experience with serving customers elsewhere. And we have chosen to go on together under the flag of Kbal Super Natural.

Ernesto Cabal
Creative Director / Top hairstylist
As long as I can remember I always wanted to make people beautiful. Finally I decided to become a hairdresser, but one who understands hair as more than just the necessary frame of the head. A good haircut accentuates your personality, makes you more beautiful and enlarges your self-confidence. I think it’s great to fully concentrate on someone and find the best possible haircut – no matter if you are a man or a woman – so that you are totally happy when you look in the mirror. When you leave my hairsalon you just look and feel fantastic, something other people directly notice.

I was born and raised Panama City and started my career there as a hairdresser. There are only few cities in the world where hair is considered more important than in this party town. In Panama it’s unthinkable that you are going out without having visited a hairdresser first. And customers are not very easy there – as they are Latino – but you pick up the trade: cutting hair, styling, colouring, glamour haircuts, slick business haircuts. And between customer and hairdresser a relationship comes into being. Every customer always gets all the time and attention needed.

Since 2000 I am employed in The Netherlands and I worked as a freelance hairdresser for some time. But I wanted more, I love to work with real enthusiasm and passion with customers who think it’s important that they get all the attention needed. Who also think it’s important that they can visit our salon at any time, early in the morning, late in the evening, even on Sunday and that they are being treated by their own personal hairdresser: one hairdresser, one customer, all the attention, always. Later, in 2008 I opened my own hair salon in the P.C. Hooftstraat: Kbal Super Hairstylist.

After having run this salon in the P.C. Hooftstraat with growing success, I wanted to move on. And, of course, more beautiful, bigger and better. I also wanted to work with a team of hairdressers. Together you stand firmer than alone. With the help of different people I was able to realise what I had in mind. In the salon in the Van Baerlestraat I shall work with other top hairdressers, each working individually, but also together as a team.

From the start in Panama I developed into a high-level hairstylist. I regularly follow courses and training programmes of international top stylists. I have worked with models for important international shows and fashion magazines. But now I want my own customers, who I can give all my attention, time and time again.